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PCI DVD Firewire Maker IEEE 1394 PCI Video Capture Card

Fire-Card Brings IEEE 1394 high-performance technology to PCI systems. Simply insert into your computer to easily connect TV, VCR, CD, DVD, Camcorder, amplifier speakers.

Key Features :

Performs IEEE-1394 function with High speeds of 100/200/400 Megabits per second today but with 800 megabits per second in year 2000.
Enables a PC to connect consumer electronic devices by simple "Hot-plug" cable hookup
Bus is dynamically reconfigured and active termination is not needed Connector: 3 Externals plus 1 internal, 6-pin connectors
32-bit CRC checking on reception of 1394 data packets
IEEE-1394-1995 compliant and compatible with proposal 1394A.
Compliant with PCI specification revision 2.2 with PCI Power Management
Easily connect to your Digital camcorder, TV, VCR, DVD to your computer
Link up to 63 devices
Provides software control of interruptions.
Supports plug & play specification dynamic reconfiguring of up to 63 nodes on the bus, no need to turn off the system while adding for removing 1394 devices.

CD Driver
IEEE1394 PCI Card and IEEE1394 Cable 6Pin to 4Pin
MGI Software
Supports Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Mac OS 9 and X