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Programmable Temperature probe Panel Fan Controller Monitor

The PC temperature Controller is a great way to keep an eye on your internal temperatures and to control the temperature, while maintaining smart look. It comes complete with three sets of thermal sensor stickers that are used to detect the temperature of the CPU, VGA, and HDD. You can display the temperature of either of CPU, VGA, or HDD with a simple press of the MODE button. The CPU fans are monitored by the temperature controller, and the fans will automatically adjust their speed according to the temperature. There is also a "High Temperature Alarm" function to keep you aware of any systems that may overheat. The LCD display can display the current time and has an alarm clock function. Keep your system running cool, and always know when it isn't, with the temperature under normal condition.

The feature list is shown as follows:
LCD display with attractive blue backlight and graphical indications for:
*** HDD activity
*** Fan rotation speed
***  Temperature
*** Power and time
***   Acoustic notification when actual temperature becomes higher than user defined limit
Fits in 5.25" drive for easy installation
Automatically regulated rotation speed of CPU when temperature gets too high
3 temperature sensors for CPU, HDD and Display card temperature monitoring
Suitable for all PC's with speed controllable fan with 3 pins socket
Backup battery to save settings time and day when power is down