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DVR Surveillance System 4 digital ports CCTV Security Recorder Card Feature:

The function of card is really powerful. It is a multiplexer and Digital Recorder. You can get a quality DVR Card Excellent Quality DVR Card for Home/Office in low price. It is easy to setup and use, and just simple click to record. A fantastic and inexpensive monitoring, recording product This robust DSR Card supports sophisticated functionalities including 16 channel recording Remote monitoring Time-stamped recording Support motion detection Each PCI card supports 4 BNC cameras, and can chain up to 4 cards per PC i.e. 16 Channels per DVR PC. This package include the card and driver with English manual

DSR Card
Full resolution video: PAL (768x576 25fps), NTSC(640x480 30fps)
Generic PCI slot compatible available in all PCs

Video Server Software

Runs on MS Windows WIN98/WINME/2000/XP
Low hardware requirement: PIII 450Mhz, 128Mb RAM, 10GB HDD, Network Card/Modem
Full resolution video: Australia PAL (768x1200), NTSC(640x480)
Configurable up to 16 camera (simple insert 4 DSR cards on the same PC)
16-channel digital multiplexing
Real-time digital video compression
7x24 remote access service through TCP/IP(Internet) and/or modem dial-up
User access right control for different operations
Video playback using Media Player
Motion detection recording
Programmable timer recording
Multilingual capability
Remote Monitor Software
Runs on MS Windows 2000/XP
Extreme low hardware requirement: PII 233Mhz MMX, 64Mb RAM, 5GB HDD, Network Card/Modem
Password login and event log
Remote online video viewing
Local recording of video at remote machine
Remote historical video playback (both local and server video records)